School Update📔

School Update📔

I started school a few weeks ago and actually (believe it or not) I really like my new school. I’ve met lots of new people. I’ve already been invited to a party, basically it’s great!

Particularly this one girl; she’s been really nice to me and we have talked a lot. I met her at the party. (For the blog she will be Lily.) I really think we could become great friends! Unfortunately we don’t have the same classes but it doesn’t really matter, we can always see each other in the breaks. We don’t hang out with the same people but we still say “hi” every day and talk a bit.

Talking about friendship, Sara and I are still friends but not as much as we used to be. At least we are not fighting all the time. That would have gone down hill really quickly if we did.

I’ve met some nice boys too, one of them in particular, Damien (let’s go with that) We haven’t talked too much yet, he is not much of talker (which is not great because I am) but when he does talk he seems really nice. It’s a bit hard to hang out because school is really stressful and we haven’t got all our classes together. In class some have noticed that he stares at me but each time I smile back he stops and turns around again (He is a few tables in front). I find it kind of cute. (only if it’s in the good way obviously.) But other than that I think we could become good friends.

I had a great start to school! (no just kidding) I almost missed the bus the first day, and then getting out of the bus my bag opened and everything fell out in front of everyone. I blocked the passage and the older ones started laughing. Literally the most embarrassing thing ever!😂 But other than that it was pretty good start. At least I didn’t come late to any classes!

Hope you enjoyed my back to school update !💚

XOXO, Rosie <3



  1. 12th November 2016 / 8:08 am

    It’s awesome that ur enjoying ur new school! 🙂 How was the party? Did it live up to ur expectations? 😉 I went to one back in June and it was like every teen movie I had watched… I was not let down haha 😀 xx

    • 12th November 2016 / 8:59 am

      Yes! I really loved it, I met great people! and I LOVE my new school!☺️

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