I am in love with autumn, just the warm autumn sun and the lovely colours of the leaves. When it starts to get cold outside and you have a hot chocolate with marshmallows. And the photography options are so wide, I went to the woods a few days ago and got the best pictures! (The ones below are not mine, I’m not taking credit for them😁)

But this year in Europe, autumn has been kind of weird. Last week, when I was going to get the bus in the morning, it suddenly started to snow! I love winter but it was like a few days after Halloween! And now outside it’s 15 degrees . It’s been quite interesting the change of weather! But I managed to get a few photos with the snow, so that was quite great!

I know halloween has just passed but I’m already thinking about christmas!🎄 I really can’t wait because I’m getting a new camera! I have loved photography for a while (as probably most of you know) but I’ve always only been using my phone because I couldn’t afford a camera for myself. But this year, I have begged my parents if I could get a camera and they said yes! I’m really excited to finally being able to use a better camera!📷 I have been looking into it and I have chosen a Nikon.

Yesterday, I had an orientation day, where I went with my dad to his work. He’s a physicist. I really enjoyed it! (also because there was a Starbucks next to his office😏)  I learned lots of new things and it helped me thinking about what to study in few years (when I go to uni) I’m hesitating with photography (surprise, surprise😋) and chemical engineering. But I don’t have to worry quite yet, I’ve still got time.

Sorry this post is a bit short but I have a lack of ideas and time⌚️

Thanks for reading! (next post will be longer, hopefully)
XOXO, Rosie❤️


“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolour, summer an oil paint, and autumn a mosaic of them all” -Stanley Horowitz


“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering the autumn tree” – Emily Bronte


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