Books I’m currently obsessed with📚

Books I’m currently obsessed with📚

Hey guys!

Here in no-wifi land it’s hard to DO something without wifi (that isn’t boring)…

So before leaving I went to the library and borrowed 10 BIG books. Aaaaand well I’ve been reading non-stop for 4 days…..BUT I’ve found great books!!

Aaand I thought I would write my list with my current favourite books!

The Fault In Our Stars – John Green

I KNOW I know this book is a bit old and I can’t believe I’m only reading it NOW! But as thousands of other people THIS BOOK IS FLIPPIN’ AMAZING!!!!!! For the people that haven’t read it, it’s kind of a life lesson book (which are depressing to read in my opinion) but once in a while, these books are great!

“Hazel Grace Lancaster—a 16-year-old with cancer that has spread to her lungs—attends a cancer patient support group at her mother’s behest. At first, she hesitates because she feels like it has done her nothing. She thinks attending the support group could be the worst part of her life, until a particular support meeting, Hazel meets a 17-year-old boy named Augustus Waters, whose osteosarcoma caused him to lose his right leg, which was replaced with a prosthetic.” (and then the love story begins but I don’t want to include spoilers XD. From Wikipedia)

Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead

Okay, I was quite calm for the last book but I can’t contain my excitement for this one…..OKAY WHERE DO I START, THESE BOOKS (6 books in total) ARE SO SO SO SO SO AMAZING! If you like Harry Potter and romance then this is for you!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY GO TO THE BOOK STORE AND BUY THEM!!!!!!!

*bottles up the excitement and takes a deep breath*

“It tells the story of Rosemarie “Rose” Hathaway, a seventeen/eighteen-year-old Dhampir girl, who is training to be a guardian of her Moroi best friend, Vasilisa “Lissa” Dragomir. In the process of learning how to defeat Strigoi (the evil undead vampires) in St. Vladimir’s Academy, Rose finds herself caught in a forbidden romance with her instructor, Dimitri Belikov, while having an unbreakable psychic bond with Lissa.” (from Wikipedia)


Henderson’s boys – Robert Muchamore

This is another series that is AMAZI- yeah okay I think you get the point, it’s a great series! Here’s the description of the first book (from Wikipedia again XD)

“The novel is set in France, from 5–15 June 1940, at a time when Hitler’s Nazi armies are invading and forcing civilians to flee. Meanwhile, German agents are tracking two British children, 11-year-old Paul and 13-year-old Rosie Clarke. Charles Henderson, a British spy, finds himself trying to reach them before the Germans can. He enlists the help of 12-year-old Marc Kilgour, a French orphan, in order to save the pair. He soon realises that children will be essential recruits if the British are to win the war. Meanwhile, Paul and Rosie find a six-year-old called Hugo, who is later killed by Herr Potente, a German posing as Henderson.”

Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Probably 99,999999% of you have seen/read the Hunger Games. But I was one of those people that didn’t read them… (until yesterday! I stayed up till 2 am to finish the first book….)

And I can now proudly announce that I’m officially addicted to this series! IT’S SO AMAZI- okay you get the point!

The Hunger Games trilogy takes place in an unspecified future time, in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, located in North America. The country consists of a wealthy Capitol city, located in the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by twelve (originally thirteen) poorer districts ruled by the Capitol. The Capitol is lavishly rich and technologically advanced, but the districts are in varying states of poverty. The trilogy’s narrator and protagonist Katniss Everdeen lives in District 12, the poorest region of Panem, located in Appalachia, where people regularly die of starvation.

As punishment for a past rebellion against the Capitol (called the “Dark Days”), in which District 13 was supposedly destroyed, one boy and one girl from each of the twelve remaining districts, between the ages of 12 and 18, are selected by lottery to compete in an annual pageant called the Hunger Games. The Games are a televised event in which the participants, called “tributes”, are forced to fight to the death in a dangerous public arena. The winning tribute and his/her home district are then rewarded with food, supplies, and riches. The purposes of the Hunger Games are to provide entertainment for the Capitol and to remind the districts of the Capitol’s power and lack of remorse, forgetfulness, and forgiveness for the failed rebellion of the current competitors’ ancestors.”

Aaaaaannnd that’s it! I’ve got a few more books here but I haven’t read them yet! But I hope you enjoyed! I LOVE all of these books and recommend them so so so much!

XOXO, Rosie <3




  1. 25th July 2017 / 12:56 pm

    Oooo! Vampire Academy sounds awesome! Definitely going to see if I can get it here, not likely though. I LOVE TFIOS! I read it when I was 10 😂 You should do another post for the other books, I love seeing people’s suggestions 💚🌺🤘🏻

    • Rosinalee
      25th July 2017 / 12:58 pm

      Aww thanks! And yes I definitely will! I love writing them! <3

  2. 25th July 2017 / 1:21 pm

    I need to read all of these, I haven’t even read the Fault in our Stars but now I know that I have to! 🙂

    • Rosinalee
      25th July 2017 / 1:22 pm

      Yasss! Thanks for reading! xxxx

  3. 25th July 2017 / 1:55 pm

    After reading THG, I was IN LOVE but now after reading SO MANY OTHER GREAT book,s TGH was a little above average for me. The first book was my favourite and I found the other 2 JUST A LITTLE UNNECESSARY. Buttt I still like the series! Team gale or team peter? I AM TEAM GALE, i don’t even like peter.

    I STILL am yet to read a John Green book and TFIOS sounds so good! Definitely need to read.

    • Rosinalee
      25th July 2017 / 6:38 pm

      Hm I haven’t read the two other books yet but I definitely have too! Personally I’m team Peeta but I still think it’s unfair towards Gale!
      And yasssss you HAVE to to read TFIOS! xxx

  4. 22nd August 2017 / 9:21 pm

    Nice to know which books are your favourite ones!
    Love from Poland! 😉💜

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