About me



Hey there world! I’ve finally decided to write a blog. I’ve wanted to do this for years! I’ll keep the blog anonymous. so just call me Rosie (short for Rosinalee, a name that I created when I was little and I want to use it now).

One of the reasons I want to start this blog is because I’m always getting bored! I love being creative and doing new things. I’ve tried to write in a diary since I was little but never really got into it.

And the second is I love the books Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and fell immediately in love with the fact of having my own little corner on the internet to write everything I want.

I’m going to write a few facts about myself (as this is a post entirely about me);

  1. I have blue eyes and I absolutely LOVE them!
  2. My hair colour can’t really be put in a category? My points are reddish blond and my roots are light brown. (Yeah…a bit complicated.)
  3. I am obsessed with notebooks and journals! I have so many but I never finish them before getting a new one.
  4. I love quotes! I write theme anywhere I can! (In my diary, on my phone case and I have a few paintings in my bedroom with quotes .)
  5. I love travelling! Learning about new cultures is just so interesting! (And learning new languages!)

In this Blog I’m going to write about my life, my ideas, probably also some recipes and crafty things. Hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I like writing it!

XOXO, Rosie <3